Wonder why 1961?

No, we are not set up that year.

Yes, we do like the films made that year:
West Side Story & Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

No, it’s not our zip code.

Yes, it is the TA flight number from
Istanbul to Amsterdam on Monday morning.


“My country is the earth. I am a citizen of the world. We are all connected.”

With Project 1961 I want to bring people’s stories onto screens, so we get to know each other better. All with the aim to create understanding. Hopefully the world will become a better place for everyone.

Producing from London, born in the Netherlands, and having lived in Istanbul, but now commuting between different cities producer Julia Ton finds herself in the position of a nomadic film entrepreneur.

After finishing her Bachelor in Economics in Rotterdam Julia started working for the international orientated film production company from BAFTA award winner Kees Kasander. Working her way up from office manager, to producer assistant, via line producing, til an all round producer. After almost ten years working in the film industry she has found her own production label Project 1961 LTD.

Julia is one of the emerging UK film producers that is participating in the Birds Eye View Filmonomics Plus Program 2016/2017, with Rebecca O’Brien as her mentor.

Download her full filmography here.

Julia Ton’s attitude is all about team work, open communication, dedication and lot’s of energy to deliver outstanding film projects. Julia is known for bringing structure in a creative process and she doesn’t like to loose the grip. She build bridges between different parties by listening, being proactive in conversations with the ability to interpret and respond to the requirements.


The process, equality, cultures, sharing, latte with white chocolate chip cookie, wondering around with my backpack, and meeting new people


liars, disinterest, no self reflection, and my cake on a napkin.